chainsaw bar overheating

5 Chainsaw bar overheating reason and solution

All the people have the experience to use a chainsaw at least 6 months, must face a chainsaw bar overheating issue. This makes an annoying condition when it became warm unexpectedly. Generally, chainsaw bar heating is a normal issue. But overheating can make damage to the motor. Moreover, another mechanism can be damaged because of this.


So this is important to find out the reason for the chainsaw bar overheating and solve it as soon as possible. Take a couple of minutes to read the whole of the article below to know all the reasons and solutions about chainsaw bar overheating.


Common reasons to overheating chainsaw bar and solution

According to the type of chainsaw, its fuel, powered system, and operating procedure, its chain can be overheated for a different reason. Here you will introduce the 5 common phenomena which can make chainsaw chain bar overheated.


Inconsistency with the shape of groove and chain drive

Most of the time after changing the drive link by a newbie user, the chainsaw chain becomes overheated. The main reason is the groove of the drive link is not properly sink on the chain drive. Internally is the chainsaw chain drive will not match with the shape of the groove, the rate of friction will increase. As a result, the temperature will rise up.


  • Solution: At the time of chaining the groove, drive link or anything of chainsaw make sure you pick the proper thickness. If you don’t know the thickness of your chain drive link, then find it out from the user manual. Rater takeoff the old groove, drive link or chain to the shop, and show it to the shopkeeper.

Rusty, Blunt of dull chainsaw chain

For a long sitting or the lack of maintenance, chainsaw becomes blunt and rusty. The result of both things is similar. That is chainsaw will not work perfectly. Generally sharp and fresh chainsaw chain cut the log by its sharp edge. On the other hand, blunt and rusty chainsaw makes more friction to split the wood log. And that occurs unexpected heat.


  • Solution: First of all never keep your chainsaw for long sitting. Because most of the problem occurs because of the long sitting. Then before start chainsaw press your figure tip on chainsaw chain edge and check it is sharp or not. Moreover, make sure this enough sharpens and proper in tightening.

Imbalance of Stress on heavy wood log

The solidness of different wood log is different. Not all the log deserve the same level of pressure of chainsaw to cut it off. Most of the time people press the chainsaw with the log with unexpectedly more stress. At that time either the chainsaw will stop to work or it becomes overheated. In this condition besides the wood log, the pressure will implant on the motor too. 


  • Solution: To cut wood, it needs to understand the level or required pressure level. For that reason start cutting with minimum pressure. And then increase the pressure slowly. Once time you will understand that you are in the highest level of pressure where your chainsaw can cut wood properly. That is the perfect pressure where you increase the pressure will make chainsaw bar overheating.

Lack of lubricate on a chainsaw chain

Lubricate is used to keep the chainsaw away to become sticky. But using wrong lubricate or lack of the adjustment of the lubricating screw can occur problems. Dry or improper lubricate can increase internal friction and make throttle related problems.


  • Solution: first of all turn the adjustment screw to proper condition. Use petroleum-based lubricate on chainsaw for regular use. but for winter using try something heavier. Summer deserves something lighter.

Lack of Raker mechanism Height adjustment

As we all know the raker mechanism is one of the important things which is used to hold the chain with the bar. Depends on the chainsaw model and type the raker can be different in height. I mean it has the possibility of adjustment related problems. Lack of adjustment of raker can make internal collation with chain and the bar which generates heat.


  • Solution: This is pretty hard to turn an improper raker to a compactable one. Rather without wasting time and money, we suggest people change the raker and buy a new one. Most importantly make sure this is compactable with your chainsaw.

Frequently asking question

What is the main reason to chainsaw bar smokes?

Usually, because of the lack of lubrication, the chainsaw chain bar becomes dry. As a result, the level of friction with the bar mechanism and the chain will increase. Increasing friction is the reason to makes smoke in chainsaw bars.

Does it possible to fix a bent chainsaw bar?

This is possible to fix a bent chainsaw bar. But the chainsaw bar contains some complicated mechanism inside. Organizing all the components and fix them up altogether is pretty complicated. That’s why most of the case people prefer to chance the bar if it became bent.  

What should the proper level of pressure on chainsaw that to cut log?

Too much pressure is harmful to chainsaw and less pressure requires more time to cut. The proper level of pressure has defined by the figure tip, by increasing the level of pressure. At the pressurize condition, chainsaw performs highly is consider as the proper level of pressure.

Can I install the chainsaw chain on backward?

This is possible to install the chainsaw chain backward. But it will not works properly. rather try to cut wood forcefully can reason for chain break or other problem.


The thing that I believe, the wise step is taking care of your things before falling into the problem. This is not tough to keep care of chainsaw chain and bar. Regular cleaning, sharping, and using the proper fuel is pretty enough to keep its care. In addition, keep the focus on the procedure you use this on to work will keep your chainsaw bar good for a long time.


I suggest people take the proper step before start before making chainsaw chain smoke. Rather it can be reached to such a level where it makes an impact on the motor. In conclusion, dealing with chainsaw chains and bars is not that much hard. Stay in our good wishes.

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