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Falling problems with a chainsaw will huge annoying when people are engaged in work. Chainsaw chain breaking is one of those problems. I was a lot of cases where people had no option when they got their chainsaw chain had broken. Even they did not have any extra chain and changing tools to them. Moreover, it can take down the potentiality of work 100%.


That’s why I suggest people know about the reason why chainsaw chain can break. This will helps you to avoid those things and keep the chain safe. Even I tell them to keep an extra chain on their toolbox with other changing equipment. This at least safe their important time while they have face chain-breaking type problems. Check out today here what the main reasons for chain breaking of the chainsaw and its related helpful information.

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Common Reasons for chainsaw chain breaking

Wrong-way of sharpening

On the spanning process generally we Erosion the blade of the chain. And this is how the blunt edge becomes sharp. Inanimate people are making the metal unexpectedly too much erosion. As a result, all the blade of the chain becomes unbalanced and weak in someplace. While it starts to cut wood or log it does not perform well and can break.


Wrong chain installation process

Most of the loggers got this problem at the early time of their life. They install a chainsaw chain on the bar in the wrong way. Remember the cutter should be the point on the clockwise direction during installation. If it will indicate the Reverse direction, it needs to fix. Unless it has a high possibility to cut out during it works.


Long sitting without care

At the time of offseason, part-time loggers may keep their chainsaw in sitting. If the chainsaw will not build with rust protected materials, then it can be affected by rust easily. And of course, rust makes the chain week.


Blunt and dull chainsaw

Before we said the wrong way to sharpening is not good for the chainsaw. Now listen, the blunt chain is also not expected to have better performance. By a blunt or dull chain if you want to cut a wooden log, then it can be broken because of the opposite thrust.


What to do if chainsaw got it chain break

If unexpectedly chainsaw got its chain-breaking during working moments, then it will not be a good practice to turn off the work. All the timber houses and big professional persons have an extra chainsaw to get emergency support. Then again if you don’t have this option then keep a chain and all the changing tools at least. If you got the problem on your chain then you change any of the bars with the chain or only chain. But changing the chain is more convenient.


How to change the chainsaw chain after breaking it?

  • Generally, on the right side of the chainsaw, you will have the two screws to open the side cover. And the side cover used to old the chainsaw bar and chain. First of takeoff both of screw and open the side cover.


  • Then pull the chainsaw bar to you. After a little careful pull, the chain will become loose and then you will able take it off from the bar easily. Then hand the new chain on the bar. Make sure the cutters of the chainsaw is in the clockwise direction.


  • After that push back the chainsaw. It will make the chainsaw chain fit with the bar. At last reinstall the chainsaw side cover and its screw again.

How to repair the chain if it falls in the break?

Change the link: This is possible to change the broken link of the chainsaw. By using the Unlinking tools, it needs to unlink. And then set all the new links on it. People may use Welding to set a new link on-chain.


Remove the link: If we suppose to remove the broken link, then it will be workable again. But it needs to the smaller size of chainsaw bar to hang it. That’s why I recommend changing the link if the chain has broken.


Common questions and answers about chain-breaking of chainsaw

From change the chain or repair it, which one is efficient?

  • If you are in the workplace, then I suggest changing is the better option. Then again when you got time, you should repair your old chain, that to save you to waste extra money.

Either removing the link or changing links, which will be better for chain repairing?

  • Both removing and replace is the solution. But I prefer to replace the broken links with good links. Because it will keep the chainsaw chain workable for the same bar. Unless it will not good to work on that bar. But if you have different sizes of bar then you can remove the broken links.

Does sharpening is bad for the chainsaw chain?

  • Sharpening is good and important for the chainsaw chain. Blunt chains can become broken. But the wrong way of sharpening is not good for the chainsaw. It Erosion of metal and make the chain weak. Keep on the right way to sharpening.

How many times I can sharp my chainsaw normally in its lifespan?

  • If your chainsaw chain build with better materials and you have a better hand to sharpening then it is possible to sharpening till 6 times in a lifespan. Otherwise, on average it can sharp 3 or 4 times.

While keeping an extra chain with you will not a problem, then you should keep it. Sometimes those little steps become huge support at work hours. Moreover, I respect to experience, which will help you to take steps to keep your chainsaw chain safe from breaking.


In the work spot, anything can happen. But you should remember everything have it’s a certain life span. Even the chain has. Because of regular using, when the lifespan got over, it can be break or become unusable. So keep prepare yourself for the future chain that you are going to get for your chainsaw. Good luck with your chainsaw using experience.

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