chainsaw chain stop when cutting

Chainsaw chain stops when cutting: reason and its solution

It is a collective experience that chainsaw stops working after a couple of moments it starts. While a chainsaw will perform well, it will never stop after started to cut. I mean, if the chainsaw will stop to cutting, it will be none other than its performance drop issue. Moreover, it’s a vast annoying thing that people never expect in a regular working hour. Because of so many reasons, chainsaw drops its performance. 


Even it can happen with the new chainsaw if the chainsaw owner does not concern with all the things. Let us going to sort out all the things that are liable reason to turn chainsaw stop after start cutting. And then again we will discuss how we can solve all the things. 


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Reason of chainsaw chain stops after start to cutting log

It has two common things it won’t cutting or getting stop after start to cutting. The first reason is its poor corroborator. The Old and sticky corroborator will stops after start to cutting, when they put pressure on its chain. Here its spark plug and all the corroborator mechanism can be liable for unexpected performance drop.


Another case where it will have old or burn fuel inside, it left to work. Burn oil does not turn to chainsaw suffer for always. But the old, or wrong mixture of oil is an essential reason for it. If dust, sand, or wood-husk goes on the fuel chamber, it can happen similarly. Even the fuel tube will have the same, and then nothing will happen differently. 


What happens because of the sudden off chainsaw?

Got an unexpected break meantime of the working must be a weird thing. First of all, it spoiled the time when you need to work hard. Even if you have secondary saw with you, then it may waste all day long. On the other hand, Most of the cases this possible to repair this problem at home. But if it will occur from serious trouble of corroborator, then it needs to change and replace it. That means you need to waste money. Tho those are the part of the business procedure, but none wants to have to face this.  


The solution of chainsaw chain stops when cutting something

  • Checking:

    First thing, you need to check all the parts of the chainsaw. Unless finding the problem, you can fix it up quickly. Check the corroborator is sticky or not. Even the sparking system is also you should check. At last check the fuel, that is sticky or not. Also, don’t leave to check the oil-bearing pipe.  
  • Clean corroborator mechanism:

    If the problem occurs from the corroborator, then clean it up to the bottom. Most of the time, corroborator got effected by the carbon dust. After cleaning all the phases, if it will not work yet, then check the corroborator. If there you will have any mistake, turn it replace with a new one.  
  • Change oil/ burned fuel:

    Most of the time, old, sticky, or using the wrong ration of oil occur sudden turn-off. If the saw does not work after fixing the corroborator, then it must be a problem from fuel. Bring all the fuel out and make sure there is no dust remain inside the tank and pipe. Then pour the engine with chainsaw unleaded gasoline fuel. 

Tips to avoid sudden stop of the chainsaw while cutting

  • Keep chainsaw clean: Fuel operated chainsaw often generates carbon, which makes it dirty early. They even have the chance to affect the wooden husk. That is the reason this important to keep chainsaw clean before it occurs issue. For cleaning, you can keep the cloth and a metal brush. 

  • Don’t keep the fuel inside: This is a good practice that brings out all fuel after each use. Because after use chainsaw, if fuel will remain inside the engine tank, it will start to chemical inside and become changed. After reacting chemically, it will not be going to functional the chainsaw properly. 

  • Use proper fuel:  Most of the time, people use the wrong fuel. For all types of fuel operated chainsaw deserve the gasoline fuel with a bit of octane mixture. The ratio of the mixture in fuel should be 50:1 of gasoline and octane.  

  • Try to avoid long sitting: Generally, long sitting occurs lots of problems with the chainsaw. Even if there will fuel inside the chainsaw before the sitting, then it must happen problem. So try to avoid long sitting. At least check your chainsaw at the time of the sitting period. 


How do I stop my chainsaw from cutting crooked?

Most of the time, the uneven top plates are the reason for crook cutting. Keep this issue away. Then again, the blunt chain and tightening problem are liable to it. The logger should check his chainsaw chain before cutting.


How to solve black smoke that generates after start cutting?

To reduce the black smoke of chainsaw, the first thing you need to ensure there is enough fuel remains in the tank. Even it is the proper fuel for the chainsaw. If it still makes black smokes, then check the corroborator and all the exhaust system of the engine. Keep them clean. 


Does chainsaw get a sudden stop at the end of its lifespan? 

Yes, the chainsaw can stop randomly and suddenly after over its lifespan. Not only that, but it can also have other types of problems. Most difficulties can solve but not permanently. That case buying a new chainsaw or change the faulty mechanism is an efficient step. 


We always mention to people that, both experience and proper care is essential to increase a chainsaw lifespan. In research, this is proven a chainsaw will have a 20-35% more increasing lifespan after it is treated and cared for properly. At the same time, it is essential to ensure the proper using procedure. Then again, take all the possible steps and avoid bad practice before your chainsaw turn off suddenly after it starts. All of your wise steps of use chainsaw will keep away you from the unexpected problem and increase your productivity. 


And last, of all, Stay always in our warm and good wishes with your chainsaw. 

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