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No matter your chainsaw is operated by fuel or battery, but if its chain is sharpened properly then it will be better than anything. On the opposite side, a blunt chain can occur lots of problems. You will find such type of news on the web where chainsaw become burn while it was using because it was blunt. So it has no chance to deny the importance of sharpening. But interestingly without highly professional people, none is conscious about this. This session is going to for those people who want to know the way of chainsaw sharpening. Here the Cost to sharpen chainsaw chain and its checking technique will describe. Then as always, you will have the relevant answer what most of the time people want to know about chainsaw sharpening.


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The cost to sharpen chainsaw chain properly

You can sharp your chainsaw chain in either home or in the service center. Let’s talk about service center cost first. There how much money it will take to sharpen your chainsaw chain will depend on the size of your chain. But on average it will take $18 to sharp a 72-inch chain. The price started at $10. But depends on the different places it can less of more.


On the other hand, if you want to sharpen it in the house then it does not need to pay money. But you need to buy a sharpening tool. The heavyweight electronic sharpening tools are in a $150 – $180 price range. There are also some manual tools which will take $30-35. If you have a personal or semiprofessional need then I suggest you for manual tools.


How to sharp chainsaw blade at home

Here I will explain how you can sharpen a chainsaw chain by using the manual chainsaw sharpening file. But before that, this is important to know about the chainsaw chain. Basically, the chainsaw chain has three types of blade or teeth. Depth gauge, right-hand cutter, and left-hand cutter. Each thing should be sharpening. To sharp each thing differently their different tools are given in the file sharpener.


To sharpen any of the teeth, it needs to cover it first and then abrade is gently. For each type of blade, there are different types of the hood to cover it and sharpener are given. After cover a blade, you should make sure first what the perfect abrading direction is. Most of the time the left cutter is clockwise and the right cutter is sharpened from anticlockwise. From those three types of the blade making sure of the depth-gauge is most important. Because it works to dig inside the wood.



The proper way to check the sharpening level

It can define the condition of the chainsaw chain by checking bran what we got after cutting a log. If you find it in finer then you should understand the blade of the chainsaw become blunt. If you got in little pieces, then it is still sharp. But before starting the chainsaw, keep your finger on the blade. And press down a bit. If it feels thin, then this is sharp. As thin it will be that indicate it become sharper.


Things should consider during sharpening

Don’t try to extremely sharpen

People often try to make blades sharper, which is a wrong practice. The more you try to make it sharp, it will be Erosion soon. At the same time, the sharping edge becomes soft too.


Check the sharpness before use

This practice can save time. Before starting your regular task with the chainsaw, it needs to check its sharpness. Rather it will spoil your time while you are working, which is not expected.


Don’t get too fast to sharpening

There are a lot of people who try to sharpen the blade faster. As a result, the blade of the chain becomes zigzag. Even it is another reason for the Erosion of the blade too. The best practice is to pay time and sharp gently.


Safety issue during sharpening

It is very normal to get an injury during sharpening. That’s why it needs to get hand gloves during sharpening. Remember once you get hurt, it will become a barrier to your work.


Common question and answer about chainsaw sharpening

How many time the blade o chainsaw chain can be sharpened?

  • This is a bit of hard to say how many times you can sharpen your chainsaw chain. It totally depends on which metal is used to build your chainsaw and which way you use to sharpening the chainsaw. But on average if you doing wisely then chainsaw can be sharpening 4 to 6 times.

How can I understand that my chainsaw needs to sharp?

  • A sharp chainsaw never makes Wooden-husk like powder during cutting. Sharp chainsaw actually cut wood in the little piece while you are using it. If you saw it makes Wooden husk in fine powder, then get ready to sharp it.

What is the proper angle to sharpening the chainsaw?

  • Depends on producing company the angle can be different. But most of the preferable angle is 25-35 degree angle. If you sharp on that angle chainsaw chain got the highest friction.

Is that too expensive to sharpening the chainsaw?

  • Sharping a chainsaw from the servicing center is not too much expensive. It needs the highest $18 for sharping. But if you do it at home then it will save you all the money.

From my personal experience, I saw many people keep care of their chainsaw chain. Which is not about proper tightening but also proper sharpening. There are less of time when those people fall in problem because of their chainsaw. But it does not mean, there is no need to keep care of its mechanism. That is also important as well. But technically take care of chainsaw chain is more important.


Look, the cost to sharpen the chainsaw chain is not too high. Even it does not need to pay a single penny to keep it in proper tightening. So I think this is very important what you can without money but you will get the best value for it.

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