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From the very beginning time of civilization, peoples discover the importance of saw. Then again When science becomes more advanced, on that time chainsaw have replaced the saw. Depends on people’s demand, now there are Different types of chainsaws in the market. This I not only a development, but it also has some silly problem as well as. For example, most people fall in the confusion that which chainsaw will be suitable for him.


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The notion with different types of chainsaws

It seems like all the chainsaw have the same aim that cutting the wood log. But there are some very specific things what are the main reason behind various types of chainsaw. The most popular different types of chainsaws are:


  • Manual Chainsaws
  • Gas-Powered Chainsaws
  • Electric Chainsaws
  • Battery-powered chainsaw
  • Corded chainsaw

The main factors of those variations are design, power source, and usability. As a result, each of those chainsaws is works with 100% potentiality for a different field.


Manual Chainsaws

In the market above all the chainsaw, the manual chainsaw is the most simple and old designed saw. It does not contain a motor, even needs no power source. It just a chain that has sharp teeth. First of all, it needs to implicate with a log of wood or tree. And then it needs to pull and push from both sides until the object has cut.


Suitable for: manual chainsaw is not suggested for professional purposes. For working in an Inaccessible area where fuel supply will be though, there this type of chainsaw is the only solution. Even people can keep this in their timber toolbox.


Gas-Powered Chainsaws

So, in contrast to manual saw, the gas powdered chainsaw is more professional. This is a more powerful tool. Even more, it saves time and energy. But ensuring the fuel is important for these types of chainsaw. It has a cord with its physical body which is used to turn on the saw.  


Suitable for: for the large project this chainsaw is more suitable. After changing the bar and hold a bigger one it becomes more useful for cutting the large tree and work faster. Probably none other chainsaw does have that type of popularity.


Electric Chainsaws

In the market, another demanding chainsaw is an electric chainsaw. It does not need any fuel, where it is operated by an electric motor. In contrast, this is a less powerful form of the gas-powered chainsaw. Using and holding this type of chainsaw is comparatively easy from other types.


Suitable for: not certainly, but many sectors of time it is used in a big project. Where it does not have fuel but have an electric source, their electric chainsaw is unbeatable. Even this is applicable for inanimate use. Because it does not have a complicated procedure to start like a gas-powered chainsaw.


Battery-powered chainsaw

Both of battery-powered chainsaw and electric chainsaw have seemed similar. But there is a very specific difference. The battery-powered chainsaw is portable and it does not need electric power from the direct supply. In contrast, it uses the battery for power source and there is no cord.


Suitable for: This type of chainsaw is too perfect for portable type need. But it has some problem that the charge of batter can be over at the mid of working. Doing heavy task likewise cutting heavy tree log is not possible by this.


Corded chainsaw

This is a type of electric chainsaw. This type of chainsaw should connect directly with the electric power source. Even more, this is too lightweight tools. That’s why maintaining this type of chainsaw is easy rather it does not have fuel expense.


Suitable for: Heavy things are avoided for the corded chainsaw. But lightweight things like making firewood, cleaning bushes, and cut little trees are possible by this saw. In-home environment corded chainsaw is too much suitable for family use.



Public query about different types of chainsaws

In order to price and usability which chainsaw I should keep home?

  • If you consider the price then the manual chainsaw is cheap. Even it is portable. On the other hand, a gas-operated chainsaw is best. But this is not cheap. If we look for chainsaw which is cheap and usable, then it is battery charged chainsaw. Even in the market, there is a lot of battery-powered chainsaws are available in the budget. It is portable, cheap and easy to use. For family use, people should keep it in their homes.

Does gas operate chainsaw is expensive to use?

  • Comparatively other saws, the gas-operated chainsaw is pretty expensive. It has a bit of complicate using procedure. That cannot use without expert people. Generally, the gas-operated chainsaw has two fuel chamber. One is for the motor inside another one is for the chain. That means gas operated chainsaw is expensive than another chainsaw.

Which chainsaw is perfect to make firewood at home?

  • If people go far to collect firewood, where it is not possible to have an electric supply, in that case, the manual chainsaw is perfect. Because it is easy to carry and needs no power supply. But if their electric supply is available then electric cordless chainsaw is perfect. This is very lightweight and easy to use. Even there is no complacency here to use. For the first time, people can use it perfectly.

For the professional purpose which chainsaw is used?  

  • In the professional sector, this is important to have a chainsaw that is enough strong and able to cut more heavy things. Even portability is also important here. Because all the place does not have a direct electrical power supply. From that corner, people get a gas-powered chainsaw for professional purposes. Because this is portable, and powerful to cut logs or trees. Moreover, it has the freedom to change the chain bar when it needs it.

When people need a saw, probably the most confusing thing is to select a suitable chainsaw for him. but in this article different types of chainsaw are mentioned according to its usefulness.


Therefore this is not expected to people that they will fall a similar problem anymore. Rather selection of proper chainsaw will make their work smoother.

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