How tight should a chainsaw chain be?

How tight should a chainsaw chain be? Expert guide | ChainsawLab

Tightening a chainsaw chain maybe is not a big deal. But this is pretty difficult to define how much tight it should be. Even 50% of the potential of a chainsaw depends on the level of tension of its chain. After checking so many case studies and practical things, I discover the necessary tight level of the chain. And of course, here it will be a session about how tight should a chainsaw chain be. Here you will also a replication of most common questions in this context. Stay reading until the last word.

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What is the proper level of chainsaw chain tightening?

A chainsaw chain acts like elastics when it is on the chainsaw. If it will not too tight, then you can move easily by using your figure. For understanding the proper tightening level of chainsaw chain we should use our figure. If we hold the chain with a figure from the bar and lift it from the normal condition and release it then it will show such of the result.

  • If the chain comes back to the bar and grapples on the exact position without any movement, then it is in proper tension.
  • If it will be hard to move the chain from the bar, then it needs to release some tension from the chain.
  • Either if the chain will not grapple on the exact position by itself, then it should add some extra tension.

Check how tight it is: I saw many people do not check their chainsaw chain before starting to use. But it is important to check before each use. Let us hack how we can check how tight the chainsaw chain is now.

To check how tight a chainsaw chain, you have to use your finger. Hold a solid unit of the chain and pull it up. Then release it gently. To get the proper result, keep the focus on what will happen after releasing the chain. But remember don’t apply too much strength to pull the chain up on the bar, then you should avoid it. Either the chain can be broken. There it needs to release some tension of the chain. And of course, keep the concern of your figure during checking the level of tension.


Importance of ensuring proper tension of chainsaw chain

Consideration of some significant thing you must have to ensure the proper tension of the chainsaw chain. You should consider those things because that may inspire you to ensure the proper tightening.

Improve the performance: Maybe you already discovered at the top of the session that most of the time performance of the chainsaw is depends on its chain. And the chain should be in proper tension. Either it will not be going to able to make enough Friction and make poor performance.

Avoid possible danger: Any unexpected thing can happen if a slack chain lost its bar during it ON. Even it can be a reason for the deep injury of its operator. To avoid those unexpected dangerous situations we should manage the proper tightening of the chain.

Split or ruined the chain or chain bar: If the chain will be too tight with its bar then it can split or crank easily. Whenever a good chainsaw chain is not too cheap, then you should ensure its proper tightening.

Reason to avoid slack chainsaw chain

Slack chains are not too productive. According to many specialists, the 60-70% productivity of chainsaw can increase because of its chain condition. Tho sharpness of the chain is a parameter of chain condition, still, proper tension of the chain is the most prominent thing here. Who doesn’t want to have enough benefit from their tools?

Even it can kill your working hours. During the checking period, you may notice your chainsaw chain move everywhere easily. This thing can make your sufferer during using the chain saw. Because when your chainsaw bar has the final speed to cut something, its chain may lose its bar. And once it becomes detach it needs so much time to fix. Moreover if there any problem occur during work, it makes an impact on our minds to work. So people should pay 10-15 minutes before starting their work and fix their slack chain of the chainsaw.

The FAQ of chainsaw chain tightening:

Does it need expensive gear to fix the tight?

It does not important to have any expensive thing to fix the tightening of your chainsaw chain. If you have a socket assembly, then you can do it on your own. But you should know who this.

Why we should avoid a tight chainsaw chain?

There are so many reasons. The most important thing is, the tight chain is dangerous that can occur any hamper of its operator. Then again because of over tension, the chain can cut off when you need it. I can make a huge impact if you are in a serious project.

Does wrong tightening occur any serious issue?

Yes, it can occur a lot of serious issues. it can ruin the wood or something that are you cutting for. Sometimes this can be so serious thing at the mid of any project. even it can make the holding guy badly injured. It does not have any chance to avoid the make sure the proper level of tightening.

Are there any tools to check the proper level of tightening?

There are no traditional tools to check the proper level of tightening. People and experts use their figures to check the level of tension.

People who are new with the chainsaw, most of the time they avoid to tight the chain properly. As a result, they got poor performance. For those people, this article will be such of thing where they will know how they boost their workability. Remember that avoid slack or tight chains can increase the durability of a chainsaw. I saw many times, the bar of chainsaw got affected because of the tight chain. So rest, hope you will work accurately and get enough benefit from all of your tools.

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  1. The bar is key to tightening the Chainsaw, keep the bar parallel to the ground underneath it and the chain in the grooves and extend fully, tighten nuts to avoid vibrations loosening them.


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