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In a whole lifespan of a chainsaw, this is important to port a chainsaw at least one time. Because that will increase its lifetime and restore the work ability too. But there are a few wrong things that people practice during porting it. So, here we are going to share how to port a chainsaw from the begging. All the things that you should know and you should avoid, are going to add here.


So without more delay, let’s check chainsaw porting secret and get some instruction that you should obey. Moreover here we will see the porting procedure of 2 stroke gas engine chainsaw.


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Importance of porting a chainsaw

Most of the time chainsaw owners are not happy about their chainsaw performance. That’s why they are moving to port their chainsaw. it will increase chainsaw performance. Even the chainsaw will perform more than a non-porting condition. At the same time, it will increase the work progress rate. Meanwhile In research, this is proven the engine speed will increase by 20% to 40% without thrusting the engine health.


Not only that, when a chainsaw becomes old, different components got Erosion. An Erosion component is a reason to increase the pressure on another component. As a result, it has the possibility to ruin the total system. But during it will porting, all the components will be checked. If their Erosion component will be detected, it can be changed. Subsequently this is how the lifespan of the chainsaw will increase after porting alongside productivity.


Getting ready to port your chainsaw

  • Essential Equipment: Firstly motorize screwdriver or manual and a screw holder is needed. Besides that, it needs a rag to wipe and remove oil from the cylinder. A caliper is important to measure the inner fitness. If there will a lack of light on the place where you want to port the chainsaw, then it needs a torchlight.


  • Safety certitude: Safety issue is the most important thing then other. Take sunglasses to protect your eyes and ware apron. In addition, you can get gloves to protect your hand. Moreover, gloves will give you a better grip while you will working.


  • Prepare the chainsaw: Take off the chain and the chain bar from the chainsaw. Unscrew all the parts of the cover of the engine and take out the engine from the body of the chainsaw. Detach the cylinder carefully. But before doing thing make sure there are no oil or gas inside the chainsaw. Don’t force while you are unpacking all the things. Take a rag and wipe out all the oil from the cylinder.

How to port the chainsaw you have?

After disassembling all the parts off from the stock cylinder, this is ready to port now. But before porting one more thing to go. Take all the measurements of the upper hole of the engine by using the calipers. This may be needed if you need it in the future.


Then mark the zone you want to port with a marker pen. Get a file-bit with the drill machine or manual file. Rub from the top. Here I support the manual bits for cut the porting area. Because the unconsciousness of a minimum time can corrosion on it. Keep concern all the time to avoid unnecessary corrosion of the cylinder.


But one thing you need to make sure that, nothing will be changed in the area of the piston. Unless you have to change or modify the piston.


Keep in attention during porting

Don’t try to port on your own if you don’t have an idea about how the engine works. Most of the time people make an impact on the engine during porting it. they cut most of the part of the engine cylinder edge. As a result, it becomes effected and in some cases, it is no more usable.


Wiping oil before porting important. Unless you will not have enough grip while you engrave the metal. as a result, slippery metal becomes hard to engrave. So it needs to clear it perfectly before take it for porting purposes.  


Relevant question answer about porting the chainsaw   `

Why do you port a chainsaw?

New chainsaws are really good to work in day to day life. But after a few days when it becomes old, it started to lose its performance. At that time people think to port it. People port their chainsaw to boost up the performance of the chainsaw without interrupt the lifetime of itself.


What is a woods ported chainsaw?

This is the most relevant question we got. But interestingly there is nothing “wood ported”. Rather all the things inside chainsaw engines are built with metal.


Does port is harmful to a chainsaw?

Most of the people think porting is harmful to the chainsaw. But porting just increases the performance of the chainsaw engine. As a result, it becomes more perfect to give more productivity. Rather a wrong way of porting is harmful to the chainsaw. A few times because of the wrong way porting chainsaw engines can lose its workability.


Does it take more fuel after porting?

This is a tricky question. Chainsaw actually needs more fuel after porting. But there are so many reasons. After the porting engine of chainsaw got more active. Since it started to work faster, it needs more fuel. The final word is the more fuel engine takes, the more products it returns. So if you compare it rationally then it will not take more fuel after porting. but visually it takes more fuel.


As conclusion I think every chainsaw owner should know this that how to port his tools. Unless you need to pay more money if you get your chainsaw to servicing center.


Even if you will concert all the caution about that, then it will make your working procedure more perfect. As we present here the porting method here, you cannot port all types of chainsaw especially those chainsaws which do not have the gas-operated engine.


While you are going to buy your chainsaw, talk with the seller that it is able to port or not.

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