How to split firewood with a chainsaw

How to easily split firewood with a chainsaw | Chainsawlab

Different purposes people get a chainsaw. But the most common reason is processing the firewood. Professional loggers to homely users need to know the way to split firewood. For the citizen people, this may be not important all the time. But still, in those zone beside the hill, people consider it as a regular skill. Without wasting time, here we are going to know how to split firewood easily. Most importantly we will mention all the possible thing what you should avoid during cut the wood. At the same time to clear the total concept, we will love to add all the related questions of what we got from you in the same context.


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Importance to use the chainsaw to split the firewood

In the past, people use pull saw and ax to split the firewood. But there were a lot of problems. Because of the firewood’s are split in fine shred. That’s why those were Timely matters if we use pull saw or ax. In fact, this is a matter of hard work as well as. On the other hand, using chainsaw will increase your productivity by reducing the waste of time.


For the special case when you need to keep all the shred on special size, then their pull saw become the jack and the chainsaw will be their king. None want to waste their energy without reason all the summer long when it is too hot. So this is important to know and use the chainsaw to split the firewood for various purposes.


Proper Way to split firewood

To split the firewood it needs to cut down all the logs lengthwise as trunks. Generally, people keep trunks in 1 foot or 1.5 feet. But depends on people’s demand it can be varied in size. To cut the trunks it needs to choose a support bottom on the log that will make the blank space. So, consider it as part of the preparation of early sawing.


After that keep the log stand on the lengthwise. Then start sawing from the top to bottom. However for the beginner, this will be better if they drag margin on the plane surface on a small surface with a marker pen. That will indicate which way the chainsaw is going to work. Then start the chain and keep it on a 90-degree angle on with the surface of the log. After then keep sawing gently. Don’t try to curve the chainsaw path during cutting. That may make an impact on the chainsaw machine.



Things should be Consideration

Sawing preparation  

The first thing we need to ensure the sawing preparation. In short checking the chainsaw sharpness, level of fuel, chain tightening and other things are included in sawing preparation. Even the place you keep the sawing to split the firewood, selecting this is also included in this. Lack of this step can spoil your time during working.


Personal Protection

Personal protection is too much important. No matter if you have a delay to start working. But make sure you get your Goggles and gloves. If possible get an apron too. Remember the lack of personal protection can be the reason for injured during the work. And of course, if you get injured once, it can ruin all the working hours. So make it sure first.


Avoid blunt or loose chain

In the past, we saw there is so harmful part of the blunt or loose chain. So this is nothing new to explain again. To do the work faster avoid the blunt or loose chain.


Keep balance in bar size

This is another important thing that most people do. Most of the people think big chainsaw bars are good to cut off the firewood. But this is a wrong practice because the weight of big bars can be the reason for the waste of energy. That will decrease your productivity. Even an extremely tiny bar will waste time. So this is important to make balance with the bar size.


Question and answer on firewood splitting

Why we don’t get the ax to split firewood?

  • However using an ax is pretty backdated. Hence using an ax or pull saw takes more time to split firewood, people avoid it to use. Now a day people move to get a different type of specialized chainsaw to split the firewood what increases more productivity.

What is the best chain for cutting firewood?

  • There are so many companies right now in the market that produce chainsaw only to cut firewood. After avoiding their name, let me explain their feature that may help you. Those chainsaws should be medium in size, sharp but more durable. Remember durability should come first before checking how sharp it is. Because those wood peoples use to make firewood, are not too hard.

Between ax and chainsaw which one is perfect to split branch?

  • Many years ago people use both ax and pull-push saw. Using ax is a pretty hard way to use and time-wasting. But chainsaw changes the concept. At the same time, it minimizes working hours and productivity. That’s why from both of those chainsaws is more preferable.

 How ethical to cut off the tree to make firewood?

  • Trees are important for our environment that none can avoid. But we need firewood as well as. From the average corner, this is not ethical. But remember those trees we use for make firewood, those are growing fast. That’s why it will be ethical if you plant one more tree during cut one tree.

Remember it has so many distinguish between, making wood log and split firewood. If you think you already learned to make one, then you are wrong. Because both of those have a technique to make. Moreover to become a perfect wood logger you need to get perfection on both things. But you will have some more space to work without any scary thing. Because it does not important to confirm the shape or size of the wood when you split the firewood. Above them, you need to work faster by keeping all the safety issues.

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