How to start a chainsaw that has been sitting

How to start a chainsaw that has been sitting for years | Chainsawlab

There is a lot of cases I got where people fall into the problem when they keep their chainsaw for a long sitting. After long sitting chainsaw maybe not perform like new. Because nature will never keep anything in the same condition all the time. If those people have experience with How to start a chainsaw that has been sitting for a long day, they will not suffer.


Let’s share how you can start a chainsaw that has sitting for times. in the same session, you will be introduced to which type of problem can occur. As usual, the most frequent questions that we got from the internet will describe below of the article.


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The proper way to start a chainsaw that has sitting

Step 1: Make empty the fuel container

Old fuels have become sticky and those are not good to use in chainsaw. Even most of the time old oil or other types of fuels have become dirty if the chainsaw has been sitting for long. Dirty fuel is not good for the engine. Moreover, it can make a huge impact. Turn open the container cap and pour out all the fuel.


Step 2: Sharp the chain and clean the engine

After release, all the old fuel, use a sharpener iron and reshape all the blade of the chain. Then check the engine. in there are any viscous things you found then clean. Either use a brush to clean the outer portion of the engine.


Step 3: Check battery and cord

When an electric device faces long sitting, then its battery can become dull. If you found it dull then change lubricate from inside. Either change the battery. At the same time, a long time unused can ruin the cord. That’s why check the cord. If necessary then change it.


Step 4: refuel the container

Now time to refuel the container. As the device did not use for long, this is important to ensure the fuel you use here is pure. Leave the container before fulfilling 100% of it by fuel.


The rest of the preparation, now the chainsaw is prepared to use. Then Follow the starting procedure of your chainsaw. For the first time, it maybe needs to try more than one time. try again. If it will not turn on after 8-10 trying time, then it can consider as chuckle problem. Follow the instruction given below.


The problem can occur with a chainsaw after long sitting

  • Blunt and rusty teeth of chain: After long sitting Chain can become blunt and rusty. The best thing is detaching the chain from the chainsaw. Then re-sharp the chains saw blade and remove the rust by using a sharpened iron. After cleaning and sharpening install it on the bar again and don’t forget to put oil before the start.
  • Loose or unbalanced chain: This is another common thing that the chain becomes unbalanced after sitting for a few months. In that case, you should make sure its proper tension before the start.
  • Starter cord becomes dull: if the starter cord becomes Scrape, it can be dull. This case may make you obedient to change it. Either it can be detached from the inside during you try to start the chainsaw.
  • The battery can be weak: This can happen for the battery-powered chainsaw. Most of the time lubricate of the battery got damage. In those case changing lubricate can be the solution. If it will not work after that you should change the battery.
  • Damage spark plug: Spark plug is another touchy thing. Once it becomes damaged, it will no more in condition to repair and make workable in the home environment. It will better change and get another spark plug.
  • Release Heavy smoke: If the carburetor will be affected then it will release heavy black smoke. Keep it to repair shop. This is true that a chainsaw can works with the black smoke issue. But it is harmful to the operator and nature. Even because of continuous heavy smoke release, once the chainsaw becomes affected.


Question what people ask about chainsaw that has been sitting

The engine is good. Still, it does not turn on. What should I do?

  • If your engine is fine and no other problem, then surely it is affected by Carburetor Clogged. Open the carburetor and check it is hydrant or not. If you found it is full of water, make it dry. Another problem also can happen because of the carburetor clogged issue. Releasing black smoke is one of those. That’s why experts suggest people check and repair the carburetor when you go to use a chainsaw that already sitting for a long.

How I can reduce the extra vibrating of the chainsaw?

  • The main reason for vibration is polluted or mixture in fuel. Don’t avoid to release the old fuel from the container. Then again check the container inside. If you got any dust there, clean it first. Then fill it with proper fuel. One thing also should consider that, you should give a break after 20-25 using the chainsaw.

Why my chainsaw becomes too hot after sitting?

  • After a long day when an engine becomes starts again, it can be hot in normal. Don’t worry about that case. Keep clean the engine. it will be fine after a few days.

If any of the parts of chainsaw like motor, cord, chain bar or other things will be ruined that can be changed. But a few times this will be no more in usable condition. Either it also can happen that, repair costs will be larger than buying a new one. In those cases, there will be nothing to do without leaving the chainsaw. Remember everything of the universe has a limited life span. Nothing here is used for good. Accept to leave old and get a new one will be the solution.


In the end, I want to mention, 80% of chainsaw is good what has been sitting for less than 6-7 months. If it does not perform well then don’t worry, and follow all the thing what we mention here.

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