how to use a chainsaw to cut logs

How to use a chainsaw to cut logs and firewood properly | Chainsawlab

This is easy to know the way to start the chainsaw and its options.On the internet, you will get thousands of resources on this. But few people know how to use a chainsaw to cut logs perfectly. This is important if you want to save your chainsaw chain and save your time.


Otherwise, it may take your lot of time and make dull your chain soon, which you not expect. Even it the wrong way to cutting can make hamper to the machine. After considering all the thing I started to describe all the how you can cut log by chainsaw properly. Even all the essential answers to the question of what we get from people are given below.


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How to use a chainsaw to cut logs

Step 1: Prepare the chainsaw

Before the cut log, this is important to ensure the fuel. Remember to ensure the pure oil ensures the level of productivity for the chainsaw. Don’t forget to check its corroborator. Either it can sudden stop at the time of working. Moreover, you should ensure your safety also.


Step 2: Prepare the log

Normally after cut down a tree it comes with brunch. Remember cutting logs with brunches is like shit. Before cut down the log and give it a shape, this is important to cut all the brunch first.


Step 3: Proper positioning of the log

Then keep the log in such type of place where both edges of it will get support. And the bottom part of the center or the cutting point should be blank. If there it will not possible to manage this, then get something where it can raise one edge of the log from the surface. And it will give you the blank under the log.


Step 4: Sawing

After ensuring the proper position of the saw, turn on the saw. Before hold the chain on the log it should trigger. Either blade of the chain can be hampered if you press the chain on the log and then trigger it on. During cutting it should avoid high pressure down the saw on tree. Keep gentle to pressure, but minimum pressure is important.


Cut firewood faster by using the chainsaw

The main difference in making firewood and cut wood log is about its shape. Keep a proper shape is important for the wood log, but this is important to make the firewood finer. Even firewood should be handy in size. In that case, you have to choose the proper chainsaw first. It does not need a powerful chainsaw. All over, an electric-powered chainsaw is perfect for that.


To cut the thin branches of the tree, it needs to cut in preferable size. But if the brunch has better fitness then it needs to cut on lengthwise. In that situation keep the wood logs in standup position and then cut it from upside to down.


Safety steps during use chainsaw to cut logs

  • Never restart the chainsaw while you reach the middle of the log. Rather try to cut the whole log in a glance. Either it can occur break the teeth of the chainsaw. Even the chain can be broken. Moreover, if you think to restart the saw, then detach it from the log and restart it to cut again.
  • This is important to give an ideal break to the chainsaw after each 15 – 25 minutes. It will keep the engine good. Either in the long run, the chainsaw will be lost its productivity soon. 
  • Personal safety is also important. Before start cutting, the worker should take safety goggles and apron. Maybe having apron is not possible for all the people. But the eye is important than any other thing and therefore you must ensure the goggles to make it safe.


Common question and answers about using chainsaw and cut logs

How to select saw for cutting a tree?

  • You have to select the chainsaw depends on the condition of the log and purpose. If you need to save your time or have to cut log for commercial purpose then you must go for the corded chainsaw. On the other hand for personal use or making firewood, electric, or cordless chainsaw is better. Moreover, if you need a chainsaw to cut logs from the inaccessible place then get a portable saw.

For faster cutting a log which is important between the sharp or proper tightening of the chain?

  • This is hard to compare the importance of sharpness of chain or proper tightening. But if the blade of the chain will not be properly shaped then it is possible to cut. But if it will not in proper tight, then it can be detached from the bar. From that corner proper tightening is important.

Which is easy to cut between wet and dry wood?

  • Naturally, woods are wet after cut the tree. On professional purpose loggers, all the time handle this. but dry woods are easy to cut. Because while woods have become dry, its internal cells have become dead. Which means there will no water, which is the advantage to cut.

How to cut down a tree by a single chainsaw?

  • Only expert people cut down a whole tree lonely even with a single chainsaw. First of all, you should tight the top of the tree with an object, which should be indicated in a fixed direction. In the opposite direction, you have to start cutting. This way you can cut and down a tree without any helping hand even while you are alone.

How many days will you chainsaw last is depends on the way you choose to use it. If you do something in the wrong way it will not in the condition to perform for the long day. So this is better to learn how to use a chainsaw during cut logs or firewoods. It will save you time and make your chainsaw more long-lasting. If you are wanted to make a farm or personal nursery, then you should get knowledge about this. at the same time, you should get the proper concern for its maintenance.  

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