How to remove a tree stump with a chainsaw

Ultimate guide how to remove a tree stump with chainsaw

Most of the time chainsaw professionals got experts in cutting logs and woods. But often there are some loggers who don’t have an idea about removing the tree stump. On the other hand, removing a tree stump is too important which professional wood loggers should know. So after thinking about those loggers here, we will present the proper way to removing the tree stump properly. It is going to be pretty exciting because here you will see all about how to remove a tree stump with a chainsaw and all information about it.  Moreover all the safety steps, relevant words you are going to have.


Without any more waste of words, let’s jump to it.


Reason to remove tree stumps from lawn

  • Clear lawn: Generally after cutting a tree, if the stump will remain in the lawn then it will be a barrier to make cattle area. So it needs to put it off from the lawn to ensure the proper environment to grow more grass for cattle. Moreover, if those stumps will remain infield, after a few years it will be insects and snacks haven which is not good for cultivating cattle.


  • Making Street: Cleaning surface and Making Street for passers away is another main reason for removing the stump. Unless it will be pretty impossible to driving cars and walking or making footpath if there are any tree stump on the road.


  • Get more wood: Firstly the old trees stump there is a possibility to have more solid woods in the stump. Either if there is no solid wood, then you can use it as the firewood. No matter what type of use you are going to get the tree stump, but this is the alternative source of wood.


  • Make cornfield: To make a cornfield it needs to make sure that there will be no trees or stump. Unless it will be hard to plant corn, using a tractor or other tools. So this is important to take off all the tree stump from the place where you want to make the cornfield.

Way to remove a tree stump with a chainsaw

Step one: Shovel the surface

In the first turn, it needs to dig surface beside just next to the edge of the stump. If there you got any stone or hard root, then use a crowbar to dig. This is very important to dig. Above all digging is the main part of removing the stump. Dig around the stump as long you can.


Step Two: Cut off the root

After over the proper digging turn on your chainsaw. Then cut off all the root you got with the stump. Keep concern that your chainsaw will safe from the mud. Once if become muddy, you will lose the work efficiency. In those cases, you can change the chainsaw bar in order to the depth and root size.


Step three: bring out the stump

When you got cut off all the root, use a crowbar to aberrant the stump from the surface. If you digging in the proper depth and cut all the main root of the stump properly then it will not become hard to aberrant. Unless digging more and cut off all the roots.


Safety issue during removing the tree stump

  • Glass and apron: As always this is important to have a glass to protect your eyes. Most of the time this is considered as a very basic thing which people should consider. Then again you are suggested to have an apron and hand gloves.


  • Chainsaw fueling: Before starting to work check properly that your chainsaw has enough fuel or not. Unless fuel it up. Don’t forget to check the balance of chain tightening and the sharpness of the blade. That will save time and give you more productive working experience.


  • Clean the stump area: This is one of the most important things. Most of the time if the stump area becomes the hub of old there a lot of insects, snacks and other harmful things. That’s why before start cutting, make clean all the area of it.

The relevant question about cut off tree stump with chainsaw

  • Which type of chainsaw is suitable for removing the tree stump?

This does not have any specific type of chainsaw for cutting old tree stumps. But medium in size chainsaw is suggested. Battery or cordless type chainsaw is not suggested in this case. So to get powerful experience make sure the chainsaw you are getting this is engine and gas or operated by fuel.


  • Does removing a tree stump is harmful to nature?

Not actually. Tree stump does not have any beneficial issue after cutting off a tree. But few of time it grow new branch from the tree stump. So on those cases, you can plant more trees after the cut off the tree stump. This will make the balance in nature.


  • What is the initial preparation of removing tree stumps?

In short preparation clean the area of the stump. Most of the time people fire up there to burn the stump. However, I highly recommend avoiding this. That will be a waste of wood and increase the level of carbon in the air.


  • Why chainsaw generate smoke during cutting the stump?

So many reasons it can make smokes. Maybe your chainsaw is suffering on low fuel issue or it has to fail in corroborator. Most of the time it can happen because of the wrong direction of the chainsaw blade.


After all the things some people ask me about cutting woods and its ethical issue. In those cases, I got the answer that is all about practice and the overview you use to see all the things you are doing. For example, look trees are in worlds, all those are for human uses. So if we cut off trees for use and planting three trees for future that must never make an impact on our atmosphere. Even all the time we suggest people plant trees.


Above all hope, you will never get any more barriers to cut the tree stump with the chainsaw. Most importantly keep concern to the safety issue to avoid all the possible burdens. In conclusion, the problem leave your comment to get a solution in the next session.

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