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This is very regular that to get the highest power this is the first rule to ensure the proper way. That’s why experienced people are suggested to check the chainsaw direction before each use. But most of the time people got these mistakes especially new users of the chainsaw. So there is no doubt knowing which way does a chainsaw blade go is damn important.


So don’t worry, here we are with your proper solution. So today learn what the proper direction is and how to fix the wrong direction of a chainsaw blade. As always for your helping you here we don’t miss to add some tips and relevant questions.


The right way where chainsaw blade does go

All the chainsaw have a common direction to rotate. If you keep the chainsaw such a way where the chain bar will be on your right side and the engine will be your left-hand side, then it will be easy to explain.


However, this is considered as the standard position of the chainsaw. In that direction, the chainsaw will be rotating on the clockwise. Both chains and chainsaw will be rotating on the clockwise.


Three different components are in each set of a chainsaw blade. The cutter is the main component here. If the forward edge of the cutter blade will indicate the clockwise direction during it is moving, then it will be in the right way. Unless it must be in the wrong way and it needs to fix before use.


How to fix chainsaw to the right way

To fix the chainsaw chain direction you need to open the bracket plate which states to cover on the chainsaw bar. Therefore you must need a screwdriver. However let’s follow those steps to fix the chainsaw if it will in the wrong direction.


  • Step 1 – Unlock the chain: When you screw off the cover, you need to pull the chainsaw bar to you. Within a simple try, the chain will come off and unlock from the bar.
  • Step 2 – install chain again: After that uninstall keep the chainsaw blade in the proper direction and hold it up on the chainsaw bar. Don’t forget to push it back to the bar.
  • Step 3 – Screw chain bar bracket: It does not need too much force to keep the chainsaw bar fit with the body. After installing this, screw up the cover properly.

After installing the chain, don’t forget to keep some oil on it. Moreover, ensure the proper tightening is too much important. Don’t forget to leave any of those things during fixing.


The disadvantage of the wrong direction of chainsaw

Remember your chainsaw will never cut the wood if its chain and blade will not go in the right way. It just decays the wood continuously. Because the sharpened edge will never have the change to make friction with wood if it will not in the right way.


As a result, it needs more time to complete the work.


  • Chainsaw got the possibility to break off it will go on the wrong way. Because chain and blade do not make to get the pressure for the opposite side. Moreover, when the minimum pressure has exceeded the chain, it becomes broken.
  • It has the possibility to make smoke from the chainsaw. While the chainsaw in the wrong direction, it got more pressure on the engine, chain, and corroborator and it started to make smoke. Even it has the possibility to engine become damage.
  • In common the productivity got lower if the chainsaw runs in the wrong direction. For example, slow cutting, blade or chain breaking or other things are the reason for productivity rate dropping.

Easy way to keep the chain in the right direction

In day to day use, this is a normal thing to chain on or off with the chainsaw. That’s why it becomes so hard to ensure that the chainsaw is in the right way all the time. But a common habit if you earn, your chainsaw will never get in the wrong way. This is lookup on your chainsaw before and after use.


While you are getting packing your chainsaw after use, check it once that it is in the right way or not. If it will in the proper direction, then fix it before packing. Do the same thing after unpacking to use. This simple habit is the only hack that can save your chainsaw from an unexpected problem.


The relevant answer to the question about chainsaw direction

Does it possible to put a chainsaw blade on backward?

  • Simply this is not possible to put chainsaw blade in backward. But if you install the chainsaw chain in the wrong direction in the bar, then it can happen.

Why chainsaw blade smoke during working?

  • Basically, if the chainsaw blade will in the wrong direction, it can make smoke. Even if the fuel got mixed up with the oil then it has the possibility to makes smoke.

What chainsaw chain cuts the fastest?

  • This is a pretty complicated question. I don’t want to mention any companies name but I must say those chainsaw which has proper sharpening and tightening in the chain and flawless engine those must be cuts fastest.

How to sharpen a chainsaw faster and easily?

  • If you think you need to uninstall the chain from the bar for sharpening, then you are in the wrong concept. Rather it will take more time. It is better to keep the chain on the bar and use a sharpening iron to sharp it from the right direction.

Remember one thing that Perfection is not all about working in the proper way. But it is all about using the tools in the perfect procedure. So if you want to be an expert in a chainsaw to cut wood, you need to know what are the right way to chainsaw blade go. Even you need to know also how to fix it. Because this the elementary step and first rules to get most of productivity.


In conclusion hope all the things in this article will help you with the next use. Have a great experience with your chainsaw.

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