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Most of the time chainsaw bars getting cranked because of installing the chain in the wrong direction.  Moreover installing the chain is one of the major and common mistakes to those people who use a chainsaw. Not only gauche, but the experts also get this type of mistake. No matter you are an expert or gauche, this is too much important to notice the way the chain goes on a chainsaw. 


So many problems can happen because of wrong installing the chain. Even it can make a problem on the engine and carburetor of the chainsaw. And then it will decrease your work progress rate. To reduce all the frustration and confusion here we enroll in this session. Here you will know in additionally which way does the chain go on a chainsaw. Even what problem can happen because of installing the chain in the wrong direction are also notify here. 


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The correct way the chain goes on a chainsaw 

Proper direction of chainsaw chain should be

To understand the right direction of chainsaw chain and bar, it is important to keep it in the proper position. Moreover  In the proper position, the motor and engine section will be on your left side and the chain bar will be on the right side. In that position, this will you easier to clarify the proper direction of the chainsaw chain. Basically on that position chainsaw bar will run clockwise with the chain. Look at the cutter teeth of the chain. It has an increasing part that indicates the direction it is made to run. At the same time to make sure the proper direction, that pointer of cutter teeth mush be indicating the clockwise direction on the bar. 


Define which way the chain running

This will be pretty hard to define which direction chainsaw chain works, during the chainsaw run. Even most of the time people can not understand which way the chainsaw run. if you got any doubt, then turn it off and check the direction. But most of the time it maybe never make a doubt. But if the wooden bush will be finer and make too much vibration then you should understand the chainsaw is blunt or on run from the wrong direction. By those symptoms, you can easily define your chainsaw chain go on the right way or not.  


How to fix it chainsaw chain in the wrong way?

Regarding the chainsaw chain fixing issue, it needs to open the chain bar guard. However  from the side of the bar of chainsaw there, you will have the screw that visible to open the guard or caching. After open the caching, pull on the bar a bit, it will come off with the chain. Above all according to a different model, where it can have more screws. Check those and unscrew them if need.


Then after takeoff the bar and chain, keep the chain in the right direction. Remember, keep the cutter blade on the clockwise direction. Then install the chain and bar on the chainsaw again. Put some oil and screw up. Add the caching too. You can sharp the chain before installing if it is necessary. 


Things can happen for installing chainsaw in the wrong way

  • Chainsaw bar cranked: Not always. In several times there we hear such type of news where the bar of chainsaw has cranked because of installing the chain in the wrong direction It actually happens because of high vibration. 


  • Suddenly Chain breaking: Unexpectedly this thing happens because of wrong-way chain installing. Actually, when the chain runs in the wrong direction, it makes more vibration and friction to log or wood which is not suitable for chains.


  • Chain become blunt: Before the chain become cranked, it started to become blunt. Even if the chain will be old or weak, some of the blades can breakout from the chainsaw chain.


  • Plane bush: A perfect chainsaw never makes plane bush. But it the chain will be blunt of install on the wrong way, it will make more heat and make all the wooden bush finer. 

Questions and answers about chainsaw chain direction 

What is the easy method to understand that my chainsaw is now in the wrong way?

  • The very fast method to check is the chain before starting the chainsaw. If it will not move perfectly and you got it in the wrong way, fix it. But during the chainsaw will running it will pretty hard to understand. But if you see the chainsaw makes more vibration, makes plane bush and noise too, then you should get sure that the chain is not in the correct way. 

Which way is the chainsaw rolling with the chain?

  • If you keep the chainsaw such direction, where the bar will on your right, then the chainsaw will be rolling to the clockwise direction. Perfectly installed chainsaw chain cutter blade will indicate the clock direction at that time. 

How much important to ensure that chainsaw is in the right way?

  • Likewise  if the chainsaw will not on the right way, it can break the chain, create effects on the chainsaw even the bar can be cranked. At that time it will work less them 80%. So this is important to ensure the chainsaw chain now in the right way. 

Why Chain have broken during working, even I install it in the right way?

  • We know the chainsaw chain can break if it will in the wrong way. At the same time, a correctly installed chain can break because of many reasons. Weak chain, wrong technique of sharpening, wrong way of handling chainsaw is the main reason for those. 

During I was in Australia, I was talked to a logger. He told me, using the technique is important. Each time using technique makes our work faster and increases the durability of the chainsaw. Checking and install the chainsaw chain in the correct direction is a part of using the technique. There I saw some expert loggers who make such of habit, that they check remain fuel, chain direction, and other things before starting the chainsaw. I think everyone related chainsaw should make this type of habit. Hope regular care and proper habit will be a support of your chainsaw using experience. 


Have happy logging.

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