Why does my chainsaw cut to the right

Why does my chainsaw cut to the right | Chainsawlab

Usually, we expect from chainsaw it will cut forward and follow the way that we want to move. Surprisingly when chainsaw will start to going right or not on the way that we want to move, that makes confusion. Therefore some people cannot understand what they should do at that time. Even that makes the cutting job hard and wastes a lot of wood.So it becomes essential to Know why does their chainsaw cut to the right. Unless that will no more to use.


However this article session is for every professional logger and saw user. Avoiding all frustration in this article we will know why does my chainsaw cut to the right and not follow our command. After that, all the important things will be attached here.


Reason for chainsaw cut to the right or not straight

That actually has two major reasons to chainsaw goes wrong. Without those major faults, there is no reason suddenly chainsaw goes the right way.


  • Bend chainsaw bar: From the rules of build chainsaw bars are straight. That is the reason it can run with the chain straight. But if it became bend by anyhow then it will no more go to the forward. Generally, because of the wrong way of use, its bar becomes bend in the right direction. And that time it always tried to go right.
  • The logical problem in the chain: Firstly if the chainsaw chain blade will sharpen from a single side then it will not go straight. Sometimes if one side of the chain will no more in proper tightening then it can work similarly. Most of the time it happens after the wrong way or repair. Then again if the chain will not fit the chainsaw bar and it will bend to another side, then it can happen.

What happens if chainsaw will go right?

Because of chainsaw go right, the main thing will happen that it will waste a lot of wood. Some of the case people who got their wood have waste badly because of the faulty chainsaw. Then again it takes more time to cut a log accurately. Moreover, it will be no more in the condition of using. If the problem happens because of chainsaw chain reason, then if it will fix soon its blade can break out. Suddenly it can break the chain too. But again the main thing that will happen, will waste your time and wood logs. Both of those are important to professional loggers.


Things should do to bring chainsaw in a proper way

Firstly you need to do if chainsaw will go to the right is, find out the problem. The problem can happen in chainsaw bar or chain. Then choose actions from below.


  • Repair the chainsaw bar: Most of the time the problem is happening with the chainsaw bar. 40-50% case the bar can repair easily. But you need to know the way of repair unless you will make it more damaged if you don’t have any idea. Keep it to a repair shop.
  • Change the chainsaw bar: If the chainsaw bar will no more in the repair condition then it needs to change it. Moreover, we suggest people change the bar most of the case. Unless it has possibilities to make a problem again after a few days of repair.
  • Reconstruction chain: It can happen anything with the chainsaw chain. If the chain will logically bend or one side shape then it can move to one side. In that situation, it needs reconstruction. Most of the cases it will no more in condition to reconstruction.
  • Get a new chain: Sometimes it has reached some serious issue when it will become mandatory to change the chain. In that situation, you need to get a new chain instead of the old one. This is very easy to change the chain and get a new one.

After fixing the issue, sharpen the chain. And then tight it at the proper level. Then take on both chain and chain bar with the chainsaw. Put some oil before starting.


Question and answer about the chainsaw go right           

What is the reason chainsaw cut crook?

  • Faulty chainsaw bar and chain is the reason for cutting in the crook way. But there chainsaw engine or other component is not liable to this. So chainsaw does not go right because of stuff without bar and chain.

Why my chainsaw got stuck during cutting?

  • So many reasons chainsaws stuck during cutting. First thing is, if the bar will become bend from one side then it has a high possibility of stuck. Even if there is an issue with the chainsaw blade then it can be stuck in the log. If there is no issue with your chainsaw, we suggest you use a support pole while you are cutting the log.

Why my chainsaw becomes dull earlier?

  • The first reason is if the chain will not in the proper tightening. Too much sharpening is another reason is to become chainsaw dull earlier. Another reason is the bend chain bar is the reason to become chain dull faster.

What is the reason my chainsaw chain make smoke?

  • People may thing chainsaw makes smoke because of its bend issue. But most of the time chainsaw makes smoke if it will become blunt. Remember blunt chain is the reason make the chainsaw bar bend during cutting the log.

In conclusion I want to mention that having a chainsaw is not enough to make someone professional. Meanwhile it needs to have some experience, and earn some knowledge. In short you need to know the reason the chainsaw chain becomes blunt, why its chain becomes loose and how it can prevent.


All those will make you mature and make confident about it. Chainsaw problems are part of using the chainsaw. So there is no way without learning how do you will deal with it. Hope from today you will never fall into such type of problem where your chainsaw cut to the right. Moreover, if you fall, you should fix it by own.

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