why does my chainsaw keeps stalling

Why does my chainsaw keep stalling? Chainsawlab-

This is very annoying to us when I found our chainsaw got stalling after turn it on. It kills valuable time to work and fuel too. I am sure none of the people will like to face this type of problem. Even if this type of situation keeps a long time, the chainsaw can be ruined for permanent. That’s why you should repair as soon as possible your chainsaw if it is stalling after the start. People who want to know why does my chainsaw keeps stalling this session is going to be a solution. Here I will brief how you can protect your chainsaw from unexpected stalling. Keep reading.


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Why does my chainsaw keep stalling during working hour

It has four different reasons for stalling the chainsaw after the start. Let’s describe all those and the solving procedure also briefing below.


  • Affected Corroborator: In chainsaw engines, corroborator is working to makes a mixer with the gasoline and oxygen of the air. That makes power to operate the chainsaw. It has so many reasons where corroborator loses its mixing ability. And rest of this chainsaw does not have enough power to run. As a result, chainsaw got a sudden stop.
  • Impure fuel: Heavy chainsaw needs two types of fuel. The engine fuel needs to be pure. Because impure fuel when goes to mixing with air, sometimes it’s produced power rate can be decreased under 70% percent. Even if there any dust in fuel then it also can make an impact on the engine which can be the reason for stalling.
  • Spark Arrestor error: To keep the power supply the same all the time and prevent the waste of emission of flammable debris Spark Arrestor have an important role. If it got an error or problem, it also can be the reason for sudden stalling. Even if Spark Arrestor got a major problem, it has the possibility not to turn on the chainsaw again.
  • Weak Engine: After many years working engine can be weak. Even change of temperature, Inadvertent and lack of proper care can be the reason to make the engine weak. Once the engine becomes weak, it will never perform like before.

How to solve unexpected chainsaw stalling at home

To solve the stalling at home, it needs to inquiry and out the problem exactly. This process will be started by checking up the fuel. Take out all the fuel from the container and check it out. If you don’t get any problem then you should check its corroborator. If it has any fracture, of damage portion, you should check it, either move to check Spark Arrestor.


If you got any problem with Spark Arrestor, then you should change it. Repairing Spark Arrestor is pretty hard to repair at home, that’s why I prefer to change. Still, if you don’t get any problem then go for check its engine. But remember most of the time buying a new engine is close to buying a new chainsaw. That’s why you should think twice before going to buy another new engine. In my opinion, repairing or buying a new chainsaw is the best thing in this situation.


Tips to avoid sudden stalling of a chainsaw after the start

  • Each time you full up the saw, make sure the fuel you use is pure. Even you should check the container after a few days that it has any dust inside or not. Sometimes people use pure fuel but still, the chainsaw got the stalling problem. It occurs because of adulterated fuel.
  • Never keep a chainsaw in long sitting. It can make hamper on the parts of the chainsaw. Randomly after a few days, you use it as trials. Either you can rent the chainsaw to people who need it. After all, it will make some money for you and help to keep your chainsaw good.
  • When the chainsaw become old like 6 months or more, using it Continuously 20 minutes or more is unseemly. It actually makes an impact on corroborator. So it needs to give a break after every 18-20 minutes. And it will keep the saw cool and good.
  • Not all chainsaw but few expensive but professional chainsaw need overhauling. Basically overhauling is a process where we can check the current physical condition of the device and replace all erosion components with new things. Of course, it will keep away your chainsaw from stalling after the start.

The most common question related to chainsaw stalling

Why does my chainsaw stall when I give it gas?

  • A lot of reasons can happen. But the most common reason is the impurity of fuel either Corroborator related problem. Even this can happen from lack of an engine. To clarify the problem it is important to check this when you got it is stalling.

Does it have to burn my chainsaw because of stalling?

  • It does not have the possibility to burn your chainsaw because of random stalling after the start. Even if it burns, then it maybe has another issue. But stalling cannot be a reason to burn. Still, it is a problem which should solve as early as possible.

What to do when chainsaw makes smokes and stalling?

  • If the chainsaw makes smokes and stalling then surely it happens from Affected Corroborator. In that situation, you should repair or change the Corroborator immediately. Otherwise, the productivity of the chainsaw will decrease day by day.

When I should change my chainsaw?

  • A few of the time, repairing a chainsaw becomes expensive. Even if the expense will become more then the price of a new one then, it should change the chainsaw. Either it will not good to value money.

All the work people do by chainsaw is comparatively heavyweight then another profession. Same professional people does not want to face trouble like stalling the machine again and again while they are working. Even if the problem occurs because of the engine, then it will never be perfect for good. In that situation, you have none of the ways to work with comfort unless chance the chainsaw. That’s why you should take care and keep the saw away from long sitting.


Moreover, if you keep concern about that topic that why does my chainsaw keep stalling then it will be pretty helpful for you to avoid the burden.

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